Mass production trial

We provide a series of support from product development planning to prototyping, testing, evaluation,and mass production based on customer requirements.

For each process unit, we will carefully proceed with proposals in anticipation of quality and cost reductions in mass production by making specifications and producing prototypes and deliverables

Our in-house integrated production allows us to flexibly respond to changes in specifications and delivery dates.

01 Die

By using the prototype-only unit die developed by us, press processing can be performed quickly simply by manufacturing the core cartridge.

You can reduce delivery times and costs and get immediate prototyping.

Die parts are procured from large-capacity overseas factories.This leads to further speedup.

02 Stamping Press

We have the latest stamping Press 20t-50t made by BRUDERER.

■Products that require high speed and high precision equivalent to a plate thickness of 1.5 mm

■Ideal as an introduction machine for mass production

We have Compact Press 3t to 7t for small precision parts.

■We can meet the demands for high speed and high precision of fine and thin plate products.

■ Compact body makes it easy to mount a die in a wide bolster area.

■Easy recombination and good workability make mass production trials effective.

03 Evaluation  Inspection

Products after pressing are selected by in-process image inspection.

■Measurement settings can be easily registered with various setting tools.

■Inspection data during production and operation history can be managed.

We perform final confirmation of product specifications in the inspection before shipping.

■ Quality control measured by various high precision measuring instruments.

■Product inspection data is effective for traceability management.

04 Construction method proposal

We propose product development such as fine parts, dissimilar materials, and complex shapes.

■Compatible with various press processes (drawing, punching, bending, in-die stacking)

■Precision processing such as ultra-thin plate processing, composite caulking processing of dissimilar metals

We will cooperate with quality improvement and reduction of delivery time  and cost by proactive VE (VA) proposal.

■Conversion of cutting method to pressng method

■Development of construction method that shortens setup time by standardizing jigs and tools