Parts proseccing

High precision die parts
Compatible for Ultra-fast delivery of precision parts 

Die manufacturing/Press work

Precision press die manufacturing
for high-speed stamping
Compatible for prototyping and mass production 

Compact Press

Improved efficiency and shorter tact with process review and in-line processing

Method development

Strength, Appearance,etc. /Productivity
Creation of new value

Corporate philosophy

JANDC proposes mass production in Japan to the world.
So far, we have been cooperating with companies with high technological capabilities in Japan
to address customer issues.
“AND” in JANDC means “connect”. We will contribute to the world by connecting people, things, and countries.

Strength of us


With the experience and know-how of press die development cultivated so far
Utilizing the technology of ultra-precision parts processing, we design and manufacture dies,
From prototypes to mass production of various precision press machines, we provide speedy one-stop service with the most suitable model for production.
Since we manufacture the products in-house, we can flexibly respond to changes in specifications and delivery dates.

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