Product Control and Quality Management

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Global network to realize fast delivery.

JANDC can provide you ultra short lead time from receiving drawings to finishing processing.
Teamwork and clear division is our secret to realize the efficiency of processing.
Centered in Asia, we have powerful production network to satisfy your demands.

Ultra Short Lead Time

We can quickly deal with customers’ requirements and process with the system of 24 hours 355 days. One of our strengths is that we have numerous equipment in oversea factories, so that we can always offer the shortest lead time. We can handle with large orders and orders during holidays, so we can provide customers with better services when they have difficulties in producing. Simple parts can be delivered the next day. If it is a set of mould excluding plates, it will take 4-5 days on average. For those products with large quantity, we can also satisfy our customers in short lead time.



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Quality Assurance System

Both precision parts and moulds can be processed with high quality and delivered in ultra-short lead time. To make sure precision and quality, all the parts will be inspected in every process. And the final inspection is by CMM in homothermal laboratory. Parts and inspection sheets will be packed together after the inspection.




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