Business Introduction


Parts Department

Based on high quality, cheap price and short lead time, our business department tackles with orders actively and rapidly.
Flexible service system.
The reason to choose our company: milling, grinding and wire-cutting can reach the tolerance of μm. Our company is equipped with a lot of equipments and flexible service system.
We can response quickly to the urgent occasion happened during the manufacturing, covering 1 pcs of punch, 1 set of mould,  large amount of machined parts during mass production as well.
If you are looking for suppliers to shorten lead time, cost down and improve the capability to meet your clients’ need, come and choose us. We will join and help you to solve all the problems as mentioned above.

Die Department

Our company designs the high-precision mould with three-D CAD/CAM design system.
We have our affiliate Company, Kunshan Heting Precision Electronics Co.,Ltd. Thus, no matter in Japan or in China, we can provide you with equivalent quality and service.
We will surely meet the clients’ need for lead time, quality, price and so on. Our parts are machined by affiliated companies, design and assembly in-house.
With more and more labor-saving in manufacture industry in recent years, we combines mould with auto-machine, from assembly inspection to package, which can be really helpful to save labor.

Trade Department

We have been devoted to supporting our oversea customers who have demands for mass production. We produce our products in Japan as soon as possible after receiving orders. Up to now, we have some segments in SIM cards, TYPE-C Shell and 0.35mm BTB terminals. We are hoping sincerely to serve customers who want to get more oversea orders of mass production products and new customers.

Automaton Department

Along with business expansion, the Automaton Department was set up. We gained the license to work within China and Taiwan as an agent of NIKKE CMM.  Besides, we can help with disassembling drawings and assembling dies. Therefore, we can offer customers short lead time services at low costs.