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JANDC cooperates with affiliate companies to provide oversea clients with services such as moulds, stamping parts& mechanical parts machining or purchasing, making our clients more competitive. JANDC, centered in China, extends service to Taiwan, ASEAN, even Germany to develop international clients.

Global Network

Die Department in Kunshan Heting Precision Electronics Co., Ltd.

Die Department is machining place for JANDC’s business department in China.
Die Department built a service system which can shorten lead time and lower cost, and make sure clients have equivalent quality no matter machined in Japan or in China.

  • Die Department can ensure its design can meet clients’ requirements and budget, no matter it comes to be mass production or just during test period.
  • Die Department can design according to layout production engineering design report or clients’ specification requirements, no matter how subtle the requirement is.
  • Die Department can tackle with various types and sizes of samll pitch(0.4) or shells used in assembly.
  • Mould assembly

Kunshan Heting Precision Electronics Co., Ltd.

Kunshan Heting precision Electronic Co., Ltd. is a branch company of JANDC.
Heting processes parts and is mainly responsible for clients in China, JANDC’s production& quality management, package, shipment and transport management.
All these tasks are fulfilled by several specialized staff, which makes sure ultra short lead time.

Team Kunshan.

18 makers chosen by JANDC in Kunshan become JANDC’s partners.
Connected closely with many plants in Kunshan, China, JANDC has created a manufacturing mode and service system which can’t be copied by other companies.
When it comes to quality, lead time or payment issues which can’t be solved by us, JANDC will discuss with our team to propose a solution.



Kunshan Heting Precision Electronics Co.,Ltd.


Kunshan Heting Precision Electronics Co.,Ltd.


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